The Saviors of Faerun

submitted by Frank

Ancient History:

-22000’s DR The elven nation of Illefarn dominated the region. As a nation at its height, stretched along the Sword Coast, from just south of the settlement of Illusk, itself not far south of the Spine of the World, to the River Delimbiyr. Its capital was Aelinthaldaar which was built in the shadow of Mount Waterdeep.


-3100 DR to -339 DR The magocracy of Netheril was one of the ancient human empires of Faerûn, an empire of human wizards, cities that floated across the sky. The empire ended when the most powerful Netherese wizard cast a spell that stole the divinity of a god and her power. Unfortunately the target was the goddess of magic, causing magic to stop functioning and the spell to fail. The released divine energies formed the new goddess of magic Mystra.


-339 DR one of the floating Netherese cities, Thultanthar, moved to the shadow plane. During their time in the shadow plane, many of the denizens were affected by their environment and became shades.


-2368 DR Netheril began colonizing the lands of the Sword coast and the Silver Marches, Old Owl Well marks where one of their Outposts once stood.


87 DR Eigersstor Founded as the first interracial city


175 DR The elves fought a terrible battle against the Orc hoards, the few remaining elves under Lord Never settled in Eigersstor, an Illusk refugee settlement, which was renamed Neverwinter in the Elf Lord's honor


342 DR – The fractured elven realm of Illefarn is officially dissolved at the final Council of Illefarn, the last wood elves of Iliyanbruen withdraw into the Feywild, or retreat to evermeet.


1372 DR, The Netherese flying enclave of Thultanthar returned to the Prime Material Plane with the goal of reestablishing the Empire. Since returning, the enclave came to primarily float above the north-western side of the Shadow Sea in the Anauroch desert


1385 DR The Spellplague struck , caused by Mystra's assassination at the hands of Cyric and Shar. With the goddess's death, the Weave, the universal structure of arcane forces, convulsed. It continued for a decade, leading to the Wailing Years, during which arcane magic ceased to function and the planet of Toril was transformed


1395 DR, the majority of the effects of the Spellplague had come to an end and most arcane magic had returned to a semblance of normality



Recent History:

1451 DR (-30) Mt Hotenow erupted devestating Neverwinter and destroying several small communities in the area including Corlin Hill and Thundertree

The Chasm opens unleashing spellplague energies in the area of the Chasm, causing horrid transformations in some, bestowing strange powers on others.

1451 DR Refugees take shelter at the city of Helms Hold, 20 miles south of Neverwinter.

1451 DR - Vivian (Maylana's human mother) lost her family and everything in the volcanic eruption, living as a refugee in Helm's Hold afterwards. 


1452 Dagult Neverember, Open Lord of Waterdeep, hires artisans and carpenters to help rebuild the city and Mintarn mercenaries to protect it from monsters, establishing himself a Lord Protector of Neverwinter.


1452 DR The Sons of Alagonda organize. Opposed to Dagult’s rule they named themselves for the last King of Neverwinter.


1452 The Spires of the Morning, A grand temple to Lathander in Waterdeep, sent their own contingent to aid in the restoration of Neverwinter.


1452 Lord Neverember issued the Protector's Law, an edict that required all those showing symptoms of the spell plague be sent to the Hold for treatment. A woman known only as the Prophet oversees the work.

1452 DR - Vivian (Maylana's human mother) moved on to Neverwinter to find work, eventually becoming a seamstress.


1453 Near the ancient elven community of Shanandar the boundary between the material plane and the Feywild was thin. The boundary was breached, and there was a mass migration of fey from the plane of Faerie. Elves were also drawn here in large numbers (Having lived in the Feywild also since the last convergence occurred several centuries ago) and they attempted to refound the old elven nation of Iliyanbruen within the forest's borders. Though they had to defeat a force of dark fey to reclaim their anscestral home, they quickly went about establishing the military outpost of New Sharandar around a portal to Faerie.


1456 DR (-25) A Diplomatic envoy was sent to the city of Neverwinter from New Sharandar, lead by @OurParents, to establish some form of Alliance between the two communities.

1456 DR -  Vivian meets Maylana's father in Neverwinter, they begin seeing each other.
Her father is intrigued by the story of a woman who lost everything and is now doing what she has to do to survive. Human perseverance inspires him and Vivian's good looks help win him over. He travels a lot, so their meetings and romantic interludes are infrequent. They never form an "official" relationship.

1456 DR - A Wizard named Rhazzad began secretly offering a treatment to stave off the spell plague. He worked in secret to keep several victims of the plague from being sent to Helms Hold. He later sacrificed them at the command of his “masters” in the Chasm, unleashing plaguefire upon the city, causing several beings to transform into plaguechanged monstrosities. His tests complete he then underwent his own transformation. A band of heroes managed to defeat him.


1457 A Plague of undead begins rising from the graveyard. Priests of Kelemvor who warded the graveyard learned Thayan Necromancers were responsible. Several of the priests were taken and turned into powerful undead creatures. The Thayan plans to raise an undead army were again overcome by adventurers. Several crypts were plundered during these events.


1457 DR Bael'Clanis Nailo was dedicated to the temple of Lathander.


1458 DR “The Prophet” who had been running the facility caring for the spellscarred revealed herself to be an Erinyes (Fiendish creatureof the hells with the form of a beautiful woman), the cathedral was quickly overrun by devils and Ashmadai cultists. The Mintarn mercenaries laid siege to the cathedral, but with little success. A dragonborn and his adopted twin Tiefling daughters, along with survivors of the guards of Hems Hold were able to infiltrate the cathedral and kill her.


1458 DR In the Feywild Malabog, King of the Formians, decided to enslave the elves of New Sharandar. With the aid of the Blue dragon Fulminorax he made strides towards his goal. Ultimately they were defeated but not before the elves suffered heavy losses.


1458 DR While the elves were busy dealing with Malabog, the Red wizards of Thay, lead by Valindra Shadowmantle, established a Dread Ring in Southern Nevrwinter woods. With it’s power they tried to create a Dracolich. Forces raised in Neverwinter, aided by a renegade band of Red Wizards disrupted the ceremony, causing a backlash that killed most of Valindra’s forces.

1460 DR - Highharvestide- Vivian gets pregnant with Maylana

1461 DR (-20) Kythorn/June - Maylana Taylor born (Terri) 
 the father is delayed and doesn't make it back to Neverwinter for the birth


1461 DR Plaguechanged creatures continue to periodically emerge from “The Chasm.” The Scar Company, made up of those spellscarred citizens of Neverwinter who chose to a life of service instead of the Helm's Hold Sanitarium, took up the job of guarding the Chasm.

1463 DR – Vivian gets very sick and perishes. Maylana is sent to the orphanages, spending a lot of time on the streets as an urchin.

1463 DR a powerful Netherese necromancer named Idris, awakens the dead in the Ebon Downs burial grounds, near the village of Grimhollow. The Barrowlords, powerful undead who commanded the soldiers buried here in life, march against the Thayan enemies and rivals in the area. The Doomguides overcome the barrowlords, retuning the soldiers to their rest. At this time the tomb of a barbarian named Cruven Gantara was plundered, everything was taken including his remains..


1465 DR (-16) Ig born?


1465 DR Within the Neverwinter Woods, at the barbarian community Vellosk, Netherese agents began recruiting the Uthgardt barbarians back into their empire for the purpose of making war against their Thayan enemies. They later try to use them to recover one of the fallen Flying Enclaves. Harper Agents manage to stop them. The leader of the Gray Wolves clan was destroyed with many of their warriors, causing the clan to rethink their allegiance with the Netherese.


1466 DR Bael'Clanis Nailo was withdrawn from the temple and engaged as an officer to work with the Mintarn mercenaries. Our company was tasked with establishing contact with other communities of region, especially the smaller communities. The primary purpose was good will activities to establish ties with communities. nstigated by the high priest of our temple, one of several devotees of Lathander given officer positions with the Mintarn mercenaries to try and put the mercenaries to a more enlightened use. My Character was the Lieutenant, with four other Morninglords appointed as Sergeants. The Captain we were all appointed with was Mintarn.)


1468 DR The Order of Blue fire begins claiming areas of land around The Chasm. Members of the Scar Company, investigating the matter descend into The Chasm. There they find that the Spellplague had weakened the barriers between the Material Plane and the Far Realm, allowing aberrations to seep through. The Master of the Order of Blue Flame, who was also Rhazaad’s master, and who had dominated The Prophet, forcing her to reveal herself as a distraction was found to be an Aboleth. After a mighty battle, the monstrosity was slain.


1468 DR -13 Bael'Clanis Nailo: met the half-elven woman who would eventually become his wife, Tel'kiira, in one of the communities on our patrol route.


1469 DR In Rothé Valley, drow slavers from House Xorlarrin emerged from the Underdark and began attacking the farms, killing or enslaving everyone in sight.


1470 DR Bael'Clanis Nailo, against the wishes of my parents my character got married


1470 DR Using the slaves they captured the drow began building a city on the surface, calling it New Xorlarrin. From this settlement, webs of dark magic began to creep out into the sky, slowly expanding outward. The web was part of Lolth's attempt to take control of the Weave in Mystra's absence. Heroes were able to infiltrate the city and put an end to the ritual, but the Drow enclave remained. The heroes reported seeing a Blue dragon rise up into the sky and fly away to the north.


1470 DR Thael Born, first son of Bael and Tel'kiira


1471 DR A combined force from many of the cities/ nations in the region was formed to attack New Xorlarrin. The Drow were defeated. After their defeat in Rothé Valley, the drow of House Xorlarrin retreated to an area of the Northdark known as the Whispering Caverns, reclaiming the abandoned city of Zesraena


1473 DR Drow raids begin once more, then suddenly stop. Investigations reveal they discovered a Lost dwarven kingdom populated by Ilithids (Mind Flayers). There was also evidence of a recent excavation, when investigated it appeared to once have been the lair of an ancient dragon.


1473 DR Second Child, Naeris, born


1473 DR Younger members of the Sons of Alagondar step up the violence of their resistance to the rule of Dagult Neverember


Near History

1474 DR the The Sons of Alagondar were led by a Harper named Cymril but she was killed when Neverember mounted reprisals against the group's activities. Leaderless, a power vacuum formed and soon the group split into two factions, the Nashers and the Graycloaks


1475 DR - Silverleaf, an elven ranger, comes to Neverwinter claiming to be sent by Maylana's father. He takes Maylana to the High Forest to train her as a ranger.

1475 DR It comes to light that many strange events in recent years were caused by members of the Cult of the Dragon. The plundered crypt, the barbarian's remains, the sighting of the blue dragon, the unearthing of the ancient dragon lair. In an unprecedented move, the Harpers joined forces with the Order of the Gauntlet, the Emerald Enclave, the Lords' Alliance, the elves of New Shanandar and even the Zhentarim to stop the Cult of the Dragon. Ten chromatic dragons, two of each of the five colors, are unleashed upon Neverwinter. While the attack rages the Cult of the Dragon begin a ritual to summon Tiamat into this world. Members of each of the organizations, along with Elminster and Linu La'neral, a member of a Splinter Faction within the Cult of the Dragon move to prevent the ritual, while the majority remain to help the forces of Neverwinter against the Dragons. The heroes were too late to stop the coming of Tiamat, who began emerging into Faerûn. Fortunately, Linu La'neral was able to channel a spell to weaken her enough for their allies to defeat the dragon goddess, pushing her back into the Nine Hells



1478 DR  The fateful days – Company wiped out because of greed of a wealthy merchant, and complicity of our captain. Event also had us out of position to respond to Hobgoblin raid, family wiped out. Nursed back to health by Maylana Taylor & Silverleaf


1478 DR Learned the Merchant grew in wealth and power as a result of his actions. Mental Break occurred, alternate personality came out. Primary persona unaware of Secondary, but the opposite does not hold true. Secondary person considers Primary too soft and week willed. @Heather'sCharacter was present at the time. Disturbed by events but aided in planning confrontation with Merchant.-


1478 DR After punishing merchant Primary person reasserted itself, withdrew into the temple.


1479 DR the Spellplague was ended with the event known as Mystra's Return. The Weave was resurrected with the goddess and magic became what it was before the Spellplague, though some areas with lingering effects from it remain


1479 DR The Chasm is sealed overnight by Powerful magic.


1481 DR – A Handful of adventurers are tasked with escorting supplies to Phandalin after meeting with the dwarf Gundren Rockseeker.




Factions and Organizations.

• New Neverwinter: Lord Dagult Neverember is laboring to secure and rebuild Neverwinter.


• Abolethic Sovereignty: A sect of the powerful aberrant dynasty is devoted to manipulating a pocket of Spell plague beneath the city. An aboleth was slain in 1468, and the Chasm sealed in 1479 but the society’s influence and manipulations remain.


• Ashmadai: A cult of Asmodeus worshipers is bent on dominion in the region. One of his agents, the Prophet, was defeated in 1458, but new followers are swayed all the time.


• Thayans: Servants of Szass Tam seek to use the region's magic to raise an undead army. Thay is a Mageocracy, ruled by a Lich. Formerly ruled by a council of the greatest mages of each of the eight schools of magic, it is now the nation with the highest undead population.


• Netherese: The Shadovar intend to raise an important fallen enclave hidden in Neverwinter Wood. In 1465 DR the magical engines that once allowed the fallen skycity to fly were destroyed. That plan foiled they still wish to reclaim their former colonies.


• Sons of Alagondar A fractured band of rebels is fighting Neverember's rule,


• A faction is growing amongst the elves of New Shanandar. Angry elves, returned from the Feywild to find their ancestral cities (and tombs) plundered.


• Denizens of Gauntlgrym: Monsters haunt the lost dwarven city, while duergar dig deep beneath it and drow plot to dominate it. Meanwhile, illithids are reclaiming their holdings in the depths, and elemental beings flock to the buried primordial (Greater Fire Elemental Titan) that burns at Gauntlgrym's heart.


• the Harpers a semi-secret organization dedicated to promoting good, preserving history (including art and music of old) and maintaining a balance between civilization and nature


• the Order of the Gauntlet was formed to destroy evil in the world at large. Its core members were clerics and paladins. These religious paragons were united in ideals from the faiths of Tyr, Helm, Torm, and Hoar.


• the Emerald Enclave an organization of druids and other nature worshipers its members avoiding good and evil to focus on the needs of the natural world and resist the growing influence of humankind. Despite their primary goal of preserving nature, members were not direct opponents of progress; they preferred instead to work with civilized folk to promote the health of the natural world without resorting to acts of violence


• the Lords' Alliance also known as the Council of Lords, is a partnership of merchant cities, founded in 1325 DR. 34 Its members are from the North and Western Heartlands, Waterdeep, Silverymoon, and Neverwinter, as well as other free cities and towns in the region, which make up the bulk of the organization. It was formed to oppose the growing influence of the Black Network in the North, as well as the Shadow Thieves of Amn who have clawed out a foothold for themselves in Waterdeep several times


• the Zhentarim began as a mercenary company, grew to be a nation with an unrivaled spy network. Over the centuries it was dominated by the servants of various dark gods and often set in conflict with itself. In the last conflict they were all but wiped out. They have been reduced to nothing more than mercenaries hoping to re-achieve their former glory by taking any contract as long as it had good pay


• The Dead Rats were a street gang operating in Luskan on the northern Sword Coast. The gang was most notable for having a large number of wererats within their ranks. They expanded into Neverwinter.

Calendar of Harptos

The Calendar of Harptos

Most of Faerun uses the Calendar of Harptos, named after the long dead wizard who invented it. Few bother to refer to Harptos by name, since the calendar is the only calendar they know. Each year of 365 days is divided into 12 months of 30 days, and each month is divided into three tendays. Five special days fall between the months. These annual holidays mark the seasons or the changing of the seasons. The months of Faerun roughly correspond to the months of the Gregorian calendar.



Month Name Common Name

1 Hammer       Deepwinter

Annual holiday: Midwinter

2 Alturiak        The Claw of Winter

3 Ches             The Claw of the Sunsets

4 Tarsakh         The Claw of the Storms

Annual holiday: Greengrass

5 Mirtul           The Melting

6 Kythorn        The Time of Flowers

7 Flamerule     Summertide

Annual holiday: Midsummer

8 Eleasis          Highsun

9 Eleint            The Fading

Annual holiday. Highharvestide

10 Marpenoth Leaffall

11 Uktar          The Rotting

Annual holiday: The Feast of the Moon

12 Nightal       The Drawing Down



Five times a year the annual holidays are observed as festivals and days of rest in almost every civilized land. Each seasonal festival is celebrated differently, according to the traditions of the land and the particular holiday.

Midwinter: Nobles and monarchs greet the halfway point of winter with a feast day they call the High Festival of Winter. Traditionally it's the best day to make or renew alliances. The common folk enjoy the celebration a bit less—among them it's called Deadwinter Day, noted mainly as the halfway point of winter, with hard times still to come.

Greengrass: The official beginning of spring is a day of peace and rejoicing. Even if snow still covers the ground, clerics, nobles, and wealthy folk make a point of bringing out flowers grown in special rooms within temples and castles. They distribute the flowers among the people, who wear them or cast them upon the ground as bright offerings to the deities who summon the summer.

Midsummer: Midsummer night is a time of feasting and music and love. Acquaintances turn into dalliances, courtships turn into betrothals, and the deities themselves take a part by ensuring good weather for feasting and frolicking in the woods. Bad weather on this special night is taken as an omen of extremely ill fortune to come.

Highharvestide: This holiday of feasting to celebrate the autumn harvest also marks a time of journeys. Emissaries, pilgrims, adventurers, and everyone else eager to make speed traditionally leave on their journeys the following day—before the worst of the mud clogs the tracks and the rain freezes into snow.

The Feast of the Moon: The Feast of the Moon celebrates ancestors and the honored dead. Stories of ancestors' exploits mix with the legends of deities until it's hard to tell one from the other.



Once every four years, Shieldmeet is added to the Faerunian calendar as a "leap day" immediately following Midsummer night. Shieldmeet is day of open council between the people and their rulers. It is a day for making or renewing pacts and for proving oneself in tournaments. Those not seeking advancement treat the elite's tournaments, duels, and trials of magical prowess as welcome additions to the holiday's theatrical and musical entertainments. In the Dales, a great Shieldmeet celebration is planned in the town of Esscmbra in Battledale this year. Other regions of Faerun have planned festivals ranging from the somber to the outrageous.


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